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Realigning Priorities in an Uncertain Era | National Press Club, Washington, DC | September 6th, 2017


  • The new administration will be charting a more muscular course
    • How will this impact defense programs?
    • What will its impact be on force structure?
    • What programs are likely to be impacted?
    • will it lead to more protectionism?
    • will there be another BRAC?
    • how will industry adjust to the new realities
    • will there be a new round of mergers and acquisitions?
  • A changed security situation in Europe, in particular in the Baltic Sea area, have created new challenges and operating environments. 
  • Several nations in Europe have begun to increase defense budgets.
  • NATO is reviewing its focus areas in light of recent government changes and international events.    
  • How is the threat matrix influencing equipment development and cooperation?
    • immediate risk planning and signaling
    • Future operating environments
  • Impact of Third Offset and BBP?
  • Will the evolving situation in Europe impact US Pacific efforts? 
  • Where are the low hanging fruit of cooperation and capability?
    • where should friends and allies invest their capability?
    • in what technologies and capabilities should governments invest?
    • what will be the impact of cancelled programs on arms exports?
  • How can industry partner internationally for success?
  • How potent are existing and envisaged export control regimes?

Government and industry representatives from more than 35 countries will be present. Over 30 speakers will provide their insight and perspectives.

Network with Government and industry leaders from all US Services and Agencies at this premier international event held in Washington.

  • Government Industrial policy staff
  • Government international agreements staff
  • Government FMS staff
  • Government R&D community
  • Embassy officials
    • Procurement
    • R&D
    • Defense Cooperation Attaches
    • Service Attaches
  • Industry government relations executives
  • Industry business development executives
  • Industry sales and marketing executives
  • Industry merger and acquisition staff
  • Aviation and defense financial analysts
  • Think Tanks
  • Defense media