Strengthening the Cooperative Global Framework | Conference Booklet

Building on the successful ComDef 2012, where 45 nations participated with the United States in a lively and informative presentation and Q&A format, ComDef returns to Washington, DC to provide further insight, discussions and networking for government, military, academia and industry with an Asia Pacific emphasis . The goals for the upcoming ComDef are as follows:-

  • Provide an overview and status report of the leading initiatives and programs designed to facilitate Coalition effectiveness
  • Understand the budgetary implications of not engaging in international cooperation
  • Determine key enablers for Cooperation to work
  • Identify the proposed areas for future cooperation
  • Identify the key industry partners and personalities
  • Highlight successful interoperability activities and draw out their determinants
  • Network with colleagues with shared concerns


  • Government, military and industry program managers and academic institutions concerned in the day to day international defense cooperation activities.
  • Business Development executives interested in networking with the international community
  • Embassy officials, thinktanks and trade associations interested in shaping the policy.
  • Export compliance facilitators