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Delivering Worldwide Capability | Brochure

Security Assistance has increased substantially over the last three years and the organizations tasked with effectively administering the process have been working flat out to achieve mission success.  This conference will review the landscape of FMS and look at the programs of record.

ComDefs are known for multiple nations participating with the United States in a lively and informative presentation and Q&A format, ComDef arrives in Huntsville to provide further insight, discussions and networking for government, military, academia and industry with an Security Assistance-Coalition emphasis . The goals for the upcoming ComDef Huntsville are as follows:-

  • Provide an overview and status report of the leading initiatives and programs designed to facilitate Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Coalition effectiveness
  • Determine key enablers for FMS to work
  • Identify the proposed areas for future cooperation
  • Identify the key industry partners and personalities
  • Highlight successful interoperability activities and draw out their determinants
  • Network with colleagues with shared concerns