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C0-Moderators: Michael J. Vaccaro, Director, International Armaments Cooperation, DoD (A&S) (Confirmed) and Lois Nicholson, Counsellor Defence Acquisition and Technology, British Embassy, Washington, DC (Confirmed)                                                   


Tuesday, September 29




Keynotes: Agile Procurement

  • The Hon. Ellen M. Lord, Under Secretary of Defense for A&S (Confirmed)
  • Air Marshal (ret.) Sir Simon John Bollom, KBE, CB, FREng, CEO, Defence Equipment and Support, UK  (Confirmed)  


Fireside Chat:

  • Gregory M. Kausner, Executive Director, International Cooperation, OUSD(A&S) (Confirmed)
  • Air Marshal (ret.) Sir Simon John Bollom, KBE, CB, FREng, CEO, Defence Equipment and Support, UK  (Confirmed)    

Moderator: Edward Ferguson, Minister Defence, British Embassy, Washington, DC (Confirmed)      




Different Approaches to Future Defense Budgets and Force Structure

  • Frederico Bartels, Senior Policy Analyst for Defense Budgeting, The Heritage Foundation (Confirmed)
  • Andrew Hunter, Director, Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group and Senior Fellow, International Security Program, CSIS (Confirmed)
  • McKenzie Eaglen, Resident Fellow, AEI  (Confirmed)
  • Edward Ferguson, Minister Defence, British Embassy, Washington, DC (Confirmed)

Moderator:  Vago Muradian, Editor, Defense & Aerospace Report (Confirmed)


Emerging Strategic Risks, Threats and Resilience

  • Katie Arrington, Chief Information Security Officer, CISO(A) to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, ASD(A) (Confirmed)
  • Air Vice Marshall Harvey Smyth, Director, Space, MoD, UK (Confirmed)

Moderator:  Robert S. Metzger, Partner, Rogers Joseph O'Donnell, PC. (Confirmed)


Acquisition Initiatives: Engaging More Opportunities at Speed

  • Stacy A Cummings, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Acquisition Enablers (PDASD(AE) (Confirmed)
  • Kim Herrington, Acting Principal Director, Defense Pricing and Contracting, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (USD(A&S)  (Confirmed)
  • Morag Stuart, Director General Commercial, DE&S, UK   (Confirmed)

Moderator:  Richard Burley, Acquisition Attaché - Defence Acquisition and Technology, British Embassy, Washington, DC (Confirmed)


Wednesday, September 30


Enabling Security Cooperation:

  • Heidi Grant, Director, Defense Security Cooperation Agency (Confirmed)
  • Rear Admiral Francis D. Morley, Director, Navy International Programs Office (Confirmed)
  • Kelli L. Seybolt, Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs (Confirmed)
  • Sandra E. Long, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Def. Exports and Cooperation, ASA(ALT) (Confirmed)
  • Mark Goldsack, Director, Defence and Security Exports, Department for International Trade, UK (Confirmed)

Moderator:Christopher Haave, Vice President, International Operations and Disclosure, Raytheon Technologies (Confirmed)


Keynotes: Key Technologies Cooperation

  • Maj. Gen. Cameron G. Holt, USAF, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Contracting for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, DoD  (Confirmed)
  • Nick Joad, Director Defence Science & Technology (DST) /Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser at UK Ministry of Defence  (Confirmed)

Moderator: Frank Finelli, Managing Director, Carlyle Group (Confirmed)


Export Control Update

  • Michael Laychak, Acting Director, Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) (Confirmed)
  • Mike Miller, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Political Military Affairs, DDTC (Confirmed)
  • Matthew S. Borman, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Export Administration, Commerce Department (Confirmed)
  • Valerie Evans MBE, Head of International Relations, MoD, UK  (Confirmed)

Moderator: Gary Stanley, President, Global Legal Services, P.C. (Confirmed)


Thursday, October 1


International Models of Industrial Cooperation

  • Alison Petchell, Minister-Counselor Defence Materiel, Embassy of Australia, Washington, DC (Confirmed)
  • Rutha Astravas, Director Continental Materiel Cooperation, DGIIP/ADM(MAT), DnD Canada (Confirmed)
  • Huw Walters, UK Director Economic Security and Prosperity, UK Ministry of Defence (Confirmed)

Moderator: Pieter-Henk Schroor, Defense Cooperation Attache, Royal Netherlands Embassy, Washington, DC (Confirmed)


Supply Chain Resilience - Industry Perspectives

  • John Luddy, VP National Security, Aerospace Industries Association (Confirmed)
  • Brinley​ Salzmann, Director – Overseas & Exports, Aerospace, Defence and Security (ADS) (Confirmed)
  • Lorna Prosper, Senior Director, USA Operations, Canadian Commercial Corporation (Confirmed)

Moderator: Bill Greenwalt, Visiting Fellow, AEI (Confirmed)


NATO Industrial Perspectives

  • Camille Grand, Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment, NATO (Confirmed)

Moderator: Frank Cevasco, President, Cevasco International (Confirmed)

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