Marshalling Technology Towards Common Goals | Feb 10 | Royal Norwegian Embassy


Building on the successful ComDef 2022, where 35 nations participated with the United States in a lively and informative presentation and Q&A format, ComDef returns to Washington, DC in the Springtime to provide further insight, discussions and networking for government, military, academia and industry with a more strategic emphasis. The goals for the upcoming ComDef 2023 R&D Conference are as follows:-

  • Understand how US Research and Development Policy is generated and implications for each Service.
  • How the US Government assesses R&D. What tools are now needed? How can countries provide technology in a sharing environment?
  • How do we make procurement more flexible and agile to incorporate swift moving technologies?
  • If commercial technology R&D now outspends defense R&D, how will defense R&D barriers to entry be addressed?
  • Network with colleagues with shared concerns

The program subject to changes in topics, speakers and schedule due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizers.