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Conference Co-Leads
Bruce Bade, Director, Pacific Armaments Coop’n. OUSD (Confirmed) AVM Kim Osley, HADS, Embassy of Australia (Confirmed)

0850-0905 Introductions of the Co-Leads

0905-0935 Keynote: SOCOM

  • LTGEN Frank Kearney, USA, Deputy Commander, USSOCOM (Confirmed)

0935-1005 Keynote: International

  • D.V. (Jake) Jacobson, Chief of Staff, Materiel Group, National Defence HQ, Canada (Confirmed)

0105-1030 BREAK

1030-1100 Keynote: Security Assistance for Greater Interoperability

  • Karen Garvey, Principal Director, Security Cooperation Ops, Defense Security Cooperation Agency (Confirmed)

1100-1130 Getting the Most from the US/European Relationship (Challenges to Market Access)

  • The Hon. Jeffrey P. Bialos,  Attorney at Law, Sutherland, Asbill and Brennan LLP (Confirmed)

1130-1230 Networking Imperatives

  • David L. DeVries, Principal Director, DASD (Information Management and Technology), Office of CIO, DoD (Confirmed)
  • Mark J. Morrison, Deputy Assistant Director of National Intelligence, Intelligence Community Information Assurance, Office of the Director of National Intelligence (Confirmed)
  • Capt. Jos Vojvodich, USCG, Director, C4ISR Program, DHS (Confirmed)

Moderator: Capt. George Galdorisi, USN (Ret.) (Confirmed)

1230-1400 Luncheon

  • Dr. Ruth A. David, President & CEO, Analytical Services, Inc. (Confirmed)

Introduced by Dr. Sam J. Tangredi, Director, San Diego Operations, Strategic Insight LTD & West Coast Editor,CDQ (Confirmed)

1400-1420 C4I ISR – USAF Technology Roadmap

  • Dr. Mark S. Maurice, Manager, International Programs, USAF Research Lab.  (Confirmed)

1420-1440 Lessons from Recent Conflicts

  • Rafi Sela, President, AR Challenges (Confirmed)

1440-1450 BREAK

1450-1550 Software Radio Interoperability

  • Katherine "KB" Bailey, Director of International Programs, JPEO JTRS (Confirmed)
  • William Beamish, Director, Falcoln III Manpack Radios, Harris RF Communications  (Confirmed)
  • Martin Neill, Counselor, Def. Acquisition & Technology, British Embassy (Confirmed)

1550-1600 BREAK

1600-1700 International Industrial Collaboration

  • Jerry Agee, Chairman, CEO & President, MBDA, Inc. (Confirmed)
  • Walter P. Havenstein, CEO, SAIC (Confirmed)
  • Barry Warburton, Head, West of England Aerospace Forum. (WEAF) (Confirmed)

Moderator: GEN. Robert Magnus, USMC (Ret.) (Confirmed)

1700-1730 Operational Introduction of a Tranformational Capabilty – Progress Report

  • Lt.Col. Evan LeBlanc, USMC, Commander, W. Coast Squadron, V-22 Osprey (Confirmed)

1730-1900 Reception


0800-0810 Conference Day One Recap

0810-0910 Comprehensive Maritime Domain Awareness JCTD

  • CDRE Monty Khanna, IN, Naval Attache, Embassy of India, Washington DC  (Confirmed)
  • George (Guy) Thomas, S&T Advisor, Office of Global Maritime Structural Awareness (Confirmed)

Moderator: Dr. W. Stephen Piper, President, Piper Pacific International (Confirmed)

0910-1010 Technology Roadmap for UAVs

  • Christopher C. Ames, Director, Business Development, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (Confirmed)
  • Dr. Patrick Baravi, VP, Business Development, RAFAEL USA Inc.  (Confirmed)
  • Tim Heely, President, Cobham Analytic Solutions (Confirmed)
  • Dane A. Marolt, Director, Int’l Business Development, Unmanned Systems, Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems (Confirmed)

Moderator: Martin Neill, Counselor, Def. Acquisition & Technology, British Embassy (Confirmed)

1010-1030 BREAK

1030-1130 Technology Sharing & Coalition Effectiveness

  • Jim Churchill, Program Manager, International C4I Integration (PMW-740), PEO (C4I) (Confirmed)


  • Mark Brown, Program Manager, NATO Enhanced Sea Sparrow, Raytheon (Confirmed)
  • MGen T.H.Knutsen, RNorAF, Def. Attache, Embassy of Norway (Confirmed)

Moderator: Frank Cevasco, President, Cevasco International, LLC (Confirmed)

1130-1230 Protecting Defense Technology

  • Pete Dougherty, Snr. Foreign Policy Analyst, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom, Office of the Secretary of Defense-Policy, DTSA
  • Michael Garrety, Defence Materiel Attache, Embassy of Australia, Washington, DC (Confirmed)
  • Richard J. Millies, Vice President, International Strategy & Business Development, BAE Systems (Confirmed)
  • Dr. Jennifer Stewart, DG, Defense Procurement, Embassy of Canada, Washington, DC (Confirmed)

Moderator: Ronald E. Genemans, Defense Cooperation Attache, Embassy of the Netherlands, Washington, DC (Confirmed)

1230 -1400 Luncheon (AFCEA/USNI WEST 2010 Event on the WEST 2010 Exhibit Floor - ComDef registration includes ticket to this event)

  • ADM James G. Stavridis, USN, NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Europe & Commander, U.S. European Command (Confirmed)

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