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Embassy of Italy


  • HE Ambassador Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata (Confirmed)
  • Dr. Stephen Bryen, President, Finmeccanica Inc. (Confirmed)
  • Stephen Cohn, Director, International Science & Tech. Programs, Asst. Sec. of the Army 
  • Dan Cundiff, Deputy Director, Rapid Fielding / CTO (Confirmed)
  • Dr. Gerald Epstein, Director, Ctr. for Science, Technology & Security Policy, American Association for the Advancement of Science (Confirmed)
  • Ron Genemans, Def. Cooperation Attaché, Embassy of the Netherlands (Confirmed)
  • Col. Nicolas Hué, Defense Cooperation Attaché, Embassy of France (Confirmed)
  • Gregory L. Kee, General Manager, NATO MEADS Management Agency (Confirmed)
  • Hon. Frank Kendall, Principal DUSD, AT&L (Confirmed)
  • Dr. Joseph P. Lawrence III, Director of Transition, ONR (Confirmed)
  • Dr. Mark S. Maurice, Director, Int’l, Office of Scientific Research, USAF (Confirmed)
  • Lt. Col. Francesco Nasca, Research & Technology Projects Section Head, NATO HQ SACT (Confirmed)
  • Martin Neill, Counselor, Def. Acquisition & Technology, British Embassy (Confirmed)
  • MGen. Gabriele Salvestroni, Defense Attaché, Embassy of Italy (Confirmed)
  • Lt.Col. Gregg Skinner, USMC, V-22 Osprey Program, NAVAIR (Confirmed)
  • Earl Wyatt, Director for Rapid Fielding, ASD(R&E) (Confirmed)
  • Dr. Lean Weng Yeoh, Counselor, Def. Technology, Embassy of Singapore