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1200-1210 Welcome from Co-Moderators
1210-1245 Keynote:  HON. Heidi Shyu, Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD(R&E)) (Confirmed)
        • U.S. DoD goals and objectives for S&T engagement with Allies and Partners
        • Interest in hearing Allied/Partner perspectives and their priorities, goals, and objectives
        • Solicit suggested best practices to overcome barriers to cooperation
        • Opportunities through Technology Readiness Experimentation (TREX) and Rapid Defense Experimentation Reserve (RDER)
1245-1315 Keynote:  Dr. Michael Horowitz, Deputy Assistant Secretary Of Defense for Force Development and Emerging Capabilities (Confirmed)
        • capabilities selected are aligned with the National Defense Strategy
        • working with the Defense Innovation Unit to make sure Replicator succeeds.
1315-1445 Topic: International Perspectives
  • Ms. Laura Farhall, Minister Counselor, Defence Acquisition and Technology, British Embassy, Wash, DC  (Confirmed)
  • Mr. Chris Hough, Counsellor Defence Research & Development Canada, Canadian Defence Liaison Staff (Washington) (Confirmed)
  • Dr. Vijayabaskar Narayanamurthy, Counsellor(Defence Technology and Science), Embassy of India  (Confirmed)
  • Dr Kenneth Ruud, Director General, FFI, Norway (Confirmed))
  • Dr. Darren J. Sutton, Minister-Counselor Defence Science, Embassy of Australia  (Confirmed)

    MODERATOR: Dr Sue Haines, Counsellor Defence Research & Technology, British Embassy, Washington, DC (Confirmed)

1445-1520 BREAK
1520-1600 Topic: DoD’s International S&T Outreach
  • Dr. Mark F. Linderman, Chief Scientist, Information Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Rome, New York (Confirmed)
  • MODERATOR: Dr. Dana Johnson, Director Int'l Outreach and Policy, OUSD(R&E) (Confirmed)

1600-1630 Topic: Replicator, Ms. Aditi Kumar, Deputy Director for Strategy, Policy, and National Security Partnerships at DIU (Confirmed)
1630-1700  Keynote: HON. Nickolas H. Guertin, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition) (Confirmed)
1700-1900 Conference Reception